Today's news: (9/8/2011)
Websites that have been stolen is now up and running , powered by the Darkweb Ryl+Liteweb Ryl.
Here are the features:

1. Anti-SQL injection
2. Registration.
3. Change Password.
4. Top Players Listing by level and fame, class is shown also.
5. Top Guilds listing and ordering by Guild Gold and fame, Nation and level is shown also.
6. Total character,accounts, guilds,Most Online Player,Total Online on map,Most Human/Akkan Online.
7. Cool and unique Website Layout .
8. Online/Offline gameserver and loginserver status check.
9. Optimized layout to load faster.
10. Multi skins support.
11. Easy to edit, Block's content is in the Blocks/ directory and almost everything is editable in config.php
13. Uses the Darkweb structure to save space and limit the loading time.
13. Works guiet good with all php versions.
14. Working best with almost every browsers
15. Web-based admin character editor.
16. Basic game guides and information for first time players.
17. Less than half megabyte in size.