FPS Mode
Function Hotkey
Forward W
Backward S
Left D
Right A
Diagonal W+D, W+A, D+S, A+S
Zoom in/out Mouse Wheel
Jump Space Bar
Pick Up E
Change Weapon Q
Rest (Sit) C
Auto Run R
Attack Left mouse button (Hold for continuous attack)
Special Skills Right mouse button (Hold to charge CAST type skills)
Alternate Skill ALT + Right mouse button (Can be used for certain skills only Eg. First Aid - Blaze Gavel)
Reverse Cast CTRL + Right mouse button (Cast spell on self for certain skills only Eg. Safeguard Skill)
Talk to NPC SHIFT + Left Mouse Button
Interface Help H
Take Screenshot F12
Game Options F11
Mouse Mode
Function Hotkey
Movement Hold Left Mouse Button or Right Mouse Button
Auto Attack Left Click on mob
Pick up E or Left Click on item
Rest(Sit) Rest(Sit)
Auto Run R
Special Skills Right Click on target (Hold to charge CAST type skills), CTRL + Right Click to cast on self.
Talk to NPC SHIFT + Left Mouse Button
Chat Options
Function Press Enter to enter chat mode then type
Whisper /s < name > < message >
Shout /c < message >
Party Chat /p < message >
Reply Last Whisper Press M when not in chat mode
Suicide /kill
Show Fame /fame
Show Medals /mileage
Open Street Stall /shop
Character Torch /torch