Kartefant (Human) Classes | Merkhadian (Ak'kan) Classes
A. Combatant (Level up increase: Strength 1)
They are born to fight and only males are allowed to be Combatants. They come with higher strength and HP, possess powerful attack abilities, can upgrade to either Templar, Attacker, or Gunner when the required level is reached.






















Gunner (Level up increase: Dexterity 2, Constitution 1) Long distance attacker is the main role of the Gunner and they have the lowest HP among the Combatant class.
B. Officiator (Level up increase: Dexterity 1)
Officiators concentrate on intelligence and wisdom. Due to this matter they only allow females as Officiators. Usually acting as support warriors, they have lower HP when compared to Combatants, but they are born with powerful magical skills and extraordinary speed. They can upgrade to either a Rune Officiator, Life Officiator, or Shadow Officiator.
Templar (Level up increase: Strength 1.5, Constitution 1.5)
The Templar is one of the Combatant class characters that adopt defensive abilities as their main prowess. They possess very high HP as compared to a normal Defender. They are capable of high speed attacks, absorb attacks and other skills and are also able to use some special abilities to make their party stronger.
Attacker (Level up increase: Strength 2, Constitution 1)
The Attacker is one of the divisions of the Combatant class of character that adopt offensive abilities as their primary prowess, have suitable HP level. In close battle, they can act as the defender in their party while absorbing enemy HP (using energy absorb type of skills), can also act as the main attacker in certain situations (using fire-spring attack type of skills).
Shadow Officiator (Level up increase: Dexterity 2, Strength 1)
The Shadow Officiator is an expert in assassination and stealth skills. This powerful offensive abilities are used for sudden attack type skills and they are one of the key officiator classes.
Life Officiator (Level up increase: Wisdom 2, Dexterity 1)
Life Officiators are the ones who can nullify curses. Besides that, Life Officiators have the ability to recover/heal themselves and can transfer their HP to other team members.
Rune Officiator (Level up increase: Intelligence 2, Dexterity 1)
Rune Officiator’s abilities are based on defense and curse-based spells while party members attack using magic skills.