Kartefant (Human) Classes | Merkhadian (Ak'kan) Classes
A. Fighter (Level up increase: Strength 1, Constitution 1)
The Fighter is a character class that can use almost all close combat weapons. They usually act as close-range strikers in a party. Even though is weak in ranged attack, he is invaluable in protecting other party members. They can show true potential when they upgrade classes into either a Defender or Warrior. Is it then that their weapon skills become more efficient and they can deal massive amounts of damage.

















Archer (Level up increase: Dexterity 1.5, Strength 1.5) One of the Rogue class characters that specialize in long distance weapon skills and are professional ambush-type attackers. Although they posses some powerful combat abilities, they are still unsuitable in close combat due to their low HP and usually rely on their ranged attacks only.
B. Rogue (Level up increase: Dexterity 1, Strength 1)
A Rogue can upgrade classes to either an Assassin or Archer after achieving level 10. Although they have a very high movement rate, they are not suitable as close combat soldiers since they have lower HP. On the other hand, they are more suitable in attacking passive monsters because they posses very powerful ambush attacks and stealth.














Priest (Level up increase: Wisdom 1.5, Constitution 1.5)
One of class upgrades for the Acolyte class character. They are a class with some close combat abilities and high strength. The Priest possesses strong protection and recovery type spells.
C. Mage (Level up increase: Intelligence 1, Dexterity 1)
Although they have weak close combat abilities, lower defense and always require protection from other character classes, they do posses very powerful ranged offensive and assist spells that can help their party members in many situations. They can later upgrade into either a Sorcerer or Enchanter. They can learn spells that can cause heavy damage and other assist spells.















D. Acolyte (Level up increase: Wisdom 1, Constitution 1)
The Acolyte is the character class that is responsible for healing other party members. Although they are not able to heal a party member directly at this stage, they are capable of reviving dead party members or increase their recovery speed and casting many other protection spells. Although they are not effective in close combat, they can act as close combat soldiers in certain situations since they have moderate HP. They can upgrade to Priest or Cleric when they reach the required level.

Defender (Level up increase: Strength 1.5, Constitution 1.5)
The Defender is one of the classes that can be upgraded from Fighter. The Defender has higher defense and HP and powerful close combat abilities. With potential as a party protector, the Defender will inherit more powerful defense and attacking abilities as they level up.
Warrior (Level up increase: Strength 2, Constitution 1)
The Warrior is one of the classes that can be upgraded from Fighter. The warrior has the ability to learn skills that are able to damage enemies within certain attacking area (area effect), or launch powerful offensive skills in certain situations, increase attack rate and much more.
Sorcerer (Level up increase: Intelligence 2, Dexterity 1)
The strongest human magic-based offensive character class. The sorcerer possesses elemental spells which can damage enemies within a certain area. Using these offensive spells together with special skills are their main abilities. Although they are capable of causing heavy damage, they often require protection from other party members due to their physical weakness.
Enchanter (Level up increase: Intelligence 1.5, Dexterity 1.5)
The Enchanter is one of the Mage class characters that posses powerful assist/condition spells. They are different from the Sorcerer because they posses some physiological combat abilities, but still due to their weak HP, they can only attack from a certain distance and often require protection.
Assassin (Level up increase: Dexterity 2, Strength 1)
An advanced Rogue class character that has strong ambush abilities, dodge and assassination skills. They can assist a party a lot with charged offensive skills when camouflaged or hidden. Although they have strong offensive abilities, but they can still be in danger if they are hit by enemies since they have low HP. Their single-hit assassination skills are among the most feared.
Cleric (Level up increase: Wisdom 2, Constitution 1)
One of the classes that can be upgraded from Acolyte. Compared to the Priest, this class of character does not have strong physical offensive abilities, they are mainly responsible for healing other party members. Most of their skills are related to recovering party members health and they also posses higher protection against magic attacks.